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The Quiet is Loud - Belk Bowl Ramp Up

The Belk Bowl is looking like it might be the Wind Bowl. There is no rain in the forecast, but the wind will have an effect on the teams. #BelkBowl @belkbowl @HokiesFB @VT_Football

The Pregame Field View of BB&T Stadium for the Belk Bowl
John Schneider - SB Nation

We are waiting for the show to start, looking at the folks filtering in to the Press Box. Some recognize us, nod, and go find their places. Some nod pleasantries and merely beg pardon for needing to get by. The Hokie PR guys are filtering around and talking with various other media types. There are several meetings going on behind the observation desks where teams of folks are sorting out assignments and grabbing a seat to get off of their feet since the walk from the hotels or parking deck is pretty long.

The one really loud thing happening is that the wind picked up around 1:00 and is blowing from the Virginia Tech to the Arkansas Endzones. It’s not just a breeze, but a gusting wind that often jumps to over 20 mph. Something tells me that the wind is going to be as major a factor in the game as much as any player or game plan.

Something tells me that the team that can run and control the ball on shorter throws is going to have a definite advantage. Of course a running Quarterback is going to pose a real threat since the throws are going to be difficult.

We will see how the Offensive Coordinators adjust to the challenge. Jerod Evans has been pretty good in windy conditions, but deep throws are going to be rare. It’s going to be a ball control game where “control” means the team that can get it from point A to point B with the pigskin firmly in hand is going to have the best shot at winning the contest.

The kicking game might be a real challenge. Even Joey’s mighty leg is going to feel the challenge. So there is little doubt that getting the ball across the goal line is going to be the way points are going to be scored.

We’ll see how the warm ups and drills go as far as how the players are handling the wind.