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Bucky Hodges is Headed To The Draft. What of Isaiah Ford?

Should WR Ford join Bucky, and enter the N.F.L. draft?

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Clemson vs Virginia Tech Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, TE/WR Bucky Hodges let it be known he was entering the N.F.L. draft. Several outlets reported on this, including the Roanoke Times.

This was no real surprise. Hodges’ size and athletic ability will have pro scouts drooling. When I communicated with draft guru Chris Landry, he believed Hodges would go in the third round. Predicting draft position is a dicey affair. We still need to see Hodges’ combine and pro day effort. One thing I have learned after covering several Senior Bowls is scouts LOVE SIZE. You can’t coach it. You can’t teach it. It’s not a big stretch to compare Hodges to Gronk, or I.M.O. a better comparison, Jimmy Graham. I think Bucky Hodges made a wise decision and wish him all the best.

Much like Hodges, Isaiah Ford has an interesting dilemma. He could return to Virginia Tech and get his degree. He could return to Virginia Tech and completely cement himself in the Hokies’ record book. At 6’2”, 195, Ford isn’t the biggest WR. He is one of those guys, however, who continually find themselves open. He is a legit deep threat, and has some of the best hands in the country. Trying to figure out want he wants to do is tricky.

I wouldn’t chagrin Ford for cashing a huge check. I would be impressed if he returned to get his degree. One thing is for sure. If Ford returns next season, Virginia Tech will be absolutely scary on offense.