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Hokies Finish the 2016 season Ranked 18/19 for the AP/Coaches Polls

Week 25 is over and the final critical polls for the regular season are out. (There might be movement next week depending on the result of the Army/Navy Game.) Virginia Tech gets into the top 20 for both polls for the first time in an age.

ACC Championship - Clemson v Virginia Tech
Isaiah Ford doing Isaiah Ford things.
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The college football polls are out, (see Yahoo Sports Rankings for details) and who’d have thought this in August? The Hokies finish the regular season with an AP ranking of 18 and a USAToday/Amway Coaches Poll of 19.

The CFB survey of the committee hasn’t published its rankings, and until they do most of the top 15 bowl games will probably not be announcing their bids, and acceptances for a little while. However please look at what we just said. Virginia Tech finished in the top 20 of both of the press polls for 2016.

There will be some more moving around. The Army Navy game needs to be played and with Navy losing big to Temple they dropped out of the polling. We’ll see how a probable victory in the annual and ancient contest of the Blue and the Gray will shake out the final high value 20-25 rankings. There might be an effect on us, but I figure most of the people polled are counting on Navy to win. If Army does, then Navy will only drop farther, so the effect might be very minimal if at all.

I know the polls are sort of gimmicks, but they also mean something to the TV people for scheduling next season, and they certainly mean something to the recruits who will see Virginia Tech pushing numbers.

Still in a complete wonder as to where the season actually went and amazement at how fast we got here. It’s going to be a great holiday season for Bowl football for us. Updates will be put up when there is a big announcement.