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Belk Bowl Tickets Stock Market Watch

What are the early prices for Belk Bowl tickets?

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Belk Bowl - Georgia v Louisville Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The announcement came shortly after lunch on Sunday. The Virginia Tech Hokies will face Arkansas in the Belk Bowl. The game is played in Charlotte, which is an easy commute for most Tech fans. Razorback fans not so much. It will be interesting to see the ticket demand for this match up. I always use as my stock ticker. Before you flood my inbox with,”That’s the secondary market, it’s always more expensive..” comments, it does give a sense of what the tickets are actually going for. In some rare cases, stubhub is cheaper than buying from the schools. I also look for the cheapest seat in the house. How much would it cost to be there in the stadium? I’m not a high roller, so the $3,500 suite is not on the agenda.

At last look, one could go to the Belk Bowl for a low, low price of $44. Now $44 only gets you upper end zone, but you are in the stadium. I will keep the price index updated, so stay tuned for more ticket news.