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Quiet Weekend- Loud Signing Day?

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Observations from a quiet weekend portend a crazy half-week, as MANY prospects remain on the board for the Hokies.

Can Coach Fu become Coach Flip? We'll see.
Can Coach Fu become Coach Flip? We'll see.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

So this weekend I spent my time between my job and church watching the VT basketball game and running the Gobbler Country twitter feed. Huge recruiting weekend and, while there were plenty of pictures...

There's...cause for, wait for it....


Alright, so, adding a visual two-and-two together, as of today, Coach Fuente believes he's got Tomon Fox, Coney Durr, and JaQuan Bailey onboard. Durr isn't surprising; Fox is. Fox is a 4/3 star recruit (4 on ESPN and Rivals, 3 on Scout and 247) that has been committed to UNC for a while. He's also a teammate of Emmanuel Belmar and works out in the offseason with D'Andre Plantin. They're all from that area of Georgia (Gwinnett County). Getting him up here was a bonus? But him committing so that they could all play together? That'd be huge. I'd say he's still up in the air, but there's a lot of arrows pointing at us getting him flipped from UNC, which would be impressive and crazy for an official that was just recently scheduled.

I'd be MUCH more comfortable in saying that JaQuan Bailey is a done deal. He's only really been doing anything with Virginia Tech on his twitter feed, and two crystal balls from Tennessee writers have him predicted to us now. Coney Durr? Much more the same, since he's only supposedly a soft commit to Minnesota. Based on the fact that Tyree Rodgers was down here on an official, then cancelled an official to Rutgers, makes me think we've gained his silent commitment. Either that, or he's staying with ODU. Eron Carter? Probably a lock. We're his best scholarship offer and he fills a need. His frame's perfect for Mike linebacker anyhow. We also got good news that Tavante Beckett's sticking with his commitment, too. Settles one thing out and keeps the Terrapins reeling for now.

The up in the air prospects right now are OL Dylan Powell, ATH/QB Tyrrell Pigrome, WR Rick Wells, LB Chase Pine, and LB Dominique Ross. Each of them has a story.

Powell was a later offer that's been out to Stanford and wanted Stanford for a while, but they just took two offensive linemen. Their class for OL now stands at 4, so is he still a take for them? If he's not, then I think that benefits us, though he's still got Iowa State in his picture. If he's a take, then we better have impressed him.

There's speculation Pigrome apparently went to go take a look at Penn State, either after he was done at UMD or skipping out on part of it. Squeezing in another visit to another university in the area isn't a terrible idea, but it might not bode well of his chances with Maryland, if any of this is true. For my part? I still think that Tech has a very good shot at getting his commitment.

Rick Wells is a tricky one. If Bailey's committed to Virginia Tech, that might help, but it might mean nothing, as they're teammates. It'd be nice to get him, because if we don't get him and/or Pigrome (and even if we're using him at WR) we're only adding one more receiver in Patterson. Fuente'll want to add as many as possible to replenish our poor depth chart. He's committed to Florida, and I'm sure what recruiting balls THEY have up in the air definitely will have an effect on it. But he could potentially join. I don't think anyone has a great idea where his head is at right now.

Chase Pine and Dominique Ross are committed linebackers, to Pitt and UNC respectively. I'd think that Our sordid history with Pine- last I heard he was still mad that Foster took so long to offer him a scholarship- would make us longshots. But before this weekend I wouldn't've thought we'd even get an official visit from him. He'd told the Pitt coaches he wouldn't take one this weekend. Ross is a Trinity Christian player, which was Isaiah Ford's old high school. He could've cancelled his official visit after it was originally tanked in Winter Storm Jonas, but he didn't. Bad news was that he was apparently sick over the weekend. Hopefully he'll divorce that form his thoughts, but who knows.

Right now, Virginia Tech has a LOT of balls in the air. More than you'd even think at this point considering what Coach Fuente's had to cobble together from the old Beamer class and people he's offering around the end of the year. Updating my list from my Friday post...

Done Deal:

Jarrod Hewitt

Very High Chance:

Tyree Rodgers, Eron Carter, JaQuan Bailey, Coney Durr

High Chance:

Tyrrell Pigrome

Medium Chance:

Tomon Fox

Low Chance:

Rick Wells, Dominique Ross, Dylan Powell

Very Low Chance:

Chase Pine

No Chance:

Keith Simms (Committed to Oregon)

We'll see what Wednesday brings, guys. Hopefully good news.