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Would Virginia Tech and the A.C.C. Benefit From Satellite Camps?

Jim Harbaugh has the S.E.C. in a tizzy. The A.C.C. does not like the camps either. What makes the most sense for Virginia Tech?

Kimberly P. Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With national signing day firmly in the rear view mirror, fans and pundits alike are analyzing what made players pick where to play.  No other coach in the Power 5 was as polarizing as Jim Harbaugh, head man at Michigan.  He's the guy who famously had a sleep over to woo a kicker from Penn State.  He's the guy that wants to run his spring camp in Florida.  Keep in mind that Harbaugh doesn't just have orange juice and warmer temperatures on the brain, there is a motive.  Harbaugh wants to have his camp at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.  IMG routinely churns out D1 studs.  Any inside edge, in terms of recruiting this goldmine, is considered invaluable.  S.E.C. commissioner   Greg Sankey, obviously protecting his home turf, hates the idea of a B1G10 team 'crootin in Florida.  A.C.C. commish John Swofford isn't too keen on the idea either.  The Sporting News outlined the lockstep partnership between the two conferences in this great read. The problem is that B1G10 teams like Penn State have already opened up shop in our back yard.

The ideals and morals of not "coloring outside the lines" aside, we need to compete. Here is where it becomes murky. Let's say an A.C.C. coach wants to do a camp. Let's say Mark Richt wants to do a camp in Texas, but can't because Swofford and the A.C.C. brass won't yield. Could an A.C.C. team strike out on its own? Highly doubtful. Until legislation is passed by the N.C.A.A. to ban these camps, the conference is behind. Perception is reality, and whether the recruiting advantage might not be clear to old folks like me, kids eat this stuff up. David Teel had the opportunity to discuss modern day recruiting with Justin Fuente, and Teel got Coach Fuente to open up on the new age we live in.

"I’m not comfortable with where it’s going," he said. "But I’m not sure I have the solutions. I hate to be the guy that just complains, but no, I’m not comfortable with it all. It’s changed so much in the last 15 years, and I understand change is a part of life. I’m not the old curmudgeon in the corner, but it’s just not good, and I’m not really sure how to curtail it."

Justin Fuente

Teel is an excellent reporter who writes for the Daily Press.You can read David Teel's entire interview with Coach Fuente here. After reading Fuente's take on modern day recruiting, I feel safe to say he's not a big fan of the new age gimmicks.  If the A.C.C. ever endorses a camp system, I have one decent idea banging around the old bat cave:

If Fuente could hold a camp in the 757, we would regain our edge in the state.

We need to begin a new relationship with the eastern half, and what better way than Fuente bringing his uptempo show on the road. It would take some movement from Swofford and the controlling interest of the A.C.C., but would pay off huge.