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Virginia Tech Top 5 Active N.F.L. Earners

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Which Hokie Has Raked In The Most Dough In Their Career

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

When you become a professional football player you get paid.  Some folks think college programs pay guys already, but the N.F.L. does so legally.  Using we looked at all active former Hokie players and found out what they have made in their lifetime.  Number one on the list was no real surprise.


Vick has made $121,211,000 in his checkered career. Easily tops on this list.


Deangelo Hall has banked $71,120,00 in his lengthy career. He probably doesn't clip coupons on the way to the store.


Brandon Flowers has quietly earned $42,167,000 as a graduate of D.B.U..


Eddie Royal had a great career at Tech, and has banked $22,943,938 in the N.F.L.


From D.B.U. to Legion Of Boom, Kam KO's QB's like overdraft fees to the tune of $17,792,727. All the former Hokies have done well. All told, the combined earnings of all active roster Hokies, the number is close to a quarter of a BILLION dollars.