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Virginia Tech Lands Tyjuan Garbutt, Gobbler Country Talks To Him

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The Hokies' latest commit is already looking to make his mark in Blacksburg.

Harry How/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the Hokies hosted Junior day, inviting multiple big time prospects to campus and giving them a sense of what Virginia Tech is all about. The most notable moment of the day came when Virginia Tech announced that 4-star defensive end Tyjuan Garbutt had committed to the Hokies.

Here's the Q&A:

So real basic question to start off, why did you commit to Virginia Tech?

I really fell in love with Virginia Tech. I loved the program the campus, the coaches, and I'm going to be playing in my homestate.

What was the schedule for all the recruits do during Junior Day?

We toured the facilities, went into the academic presentation, ate, and toured the campus a little bit.

How does it feel that now that you've committed and are done with it? Was that kind of your thought process going into the recruiting process?

I knew going to Tech that there was a chance of [committing] and once I got there I knew I wanted to go there.

Now that you're fully committed, do you think you will try to convince guys such as (Khalan) Laborn, (Devon) Hunter and (Eric) Crosby to come to Tech? Kind of form a VA all-star class at Tech?

Of course, if we keep the best players in state we can have something real special.

Which in state kid would you like to play with the most?

I hope Laborn and Crosby come to Tech. Yetur Matos is another guy I'd like to see, he lives in my area.

As a DE, how would you describe your game?

Fast, and Physical. Definitely a pass rusher.

What's one thing you want to improve on?

I want to work and improve upon my strength and technique.

And one last question, what's one thing you want Hokie fans to know about you?

Kam Chancellor is my favorite defensive player.


That last answer already makes him a Hokie fan favorite, as we all know of Chancellor's success with Virginia Tech and with the Seahawks. Garbutt describes himself as a fast, physical player on the line, which certainly fits into what Bud Foster wants to do. And being a fast, physical, pass rusher might bring back memories of now NFL-bound edge rusher Dadi Nicholas. It certainly wouldn't hurt Garbutt to go down that path and become a difference maker defensively for the Hokies.

Garbutt genuinely enjoyed his visit, which is good sign for Fuente's recruiting prowess. Of course, many recruits come to Blacksburg and immediately see why it's a great place to play, but signing Garbutt this early in the process is certainly a plus. And he also seems committed enough to help Virginia Tech to recruit top in-state talents Khalan Laborn and Eric Crosby. To top it off, he posted this picture Wednesday via Twitter:

Seems like a ringing endorsement for Virginia Tech and Fuente.