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NCAA vs NIT: The Pros and Cons for VT

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Why the NCAA's might not be the best spot for this young Hokies squad.

This team can not only dunk through nets, but possibly cut them down as well
This team can not only dunk through nets, but possibly cut them down as well
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to think that making the NCAA tournament wouldn't be the goal for the Hokies this season.  It is the goal for almost any team that has a solid players in college basketbal.  To be given a chance to get to the "Dance" is the dream that Hokies basketball fans have had for decades.  But for this squad of Hokies, it might be best if the goal was more attainable, something that this team not only could do, but should be able to do as well.  That goal is the NIT.

There are pro's and con's to both for this team, so let's go through and see what we find with each.

NCAA Tournament NIT

The stage the Hokies would get to play on

The biggest in college basketball Second largest in college basketball

Chance for the recruits to see Tech play

Maybe a round, two if lucky Multiple rounds with the possibility to watch play at Cassell and Madison Square Garden

Chance to use as stepping stone for next season

Yes, but hard to see doing much more than making the NCAA's next year Yes, being a bubble team would be an improvement next year


Yes, impossible to quantify how much it could help the team next season Yes, a chance to gain momentum, confidence, and extra practices

The biggest positive that would come from the Hokies making the NCAA tournament would be experience.  There is no doubt that playing in the tournament is different from playing in the NIT and there is a large learning curve that this program and these players need to go through in order to go from making the tournament to winning games in it.

The biggest positives for the NIT are a chance to have extra practices and the ability to go a long way in the NIT verses almost no chance in the NCAA.  There is a serious argument to be made that this team could use practices more than almost anything else right now.  Buzz has this team growing, but the time they spend with him and the staff is invaluable and the NIT gives our young men the chance to have more practice time than any other option.  Making it a long way in the NIT would not only galvanize the fan base behind the program, but also give the team a tremendous amount of confidence going into next season.

At the end of the day, it would be great to see the Hokies play anywhere in the post-season this year, especially given the record of the past few years, but the idea of moving a step or two ahead rather than taking a big leap might end up being the best thing for Buzz and the rest of the team moving forward.  And besides, it's been way too long since that 1995 NIT Championship, don't you think?