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Brian Mitchell From West Virginia Is Our New DB Coach and Here's Why:

Fuente Steals One From The Coal Miners.'s Jeremy Simon Gives Us The Dish On Mitchell

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Torrian Gray leaving the program on national signing day was a huge surprise.  Since then, there has been much speculation on who would assume that role.  At Gobbler Country, Josh Schneider speculated who would replace Gray as a great coach, and even better recruiter. You can see that article here. Fuente and company surprised everyone today as The Charleston Gazette-Mail reported that Brian Mitchell will be assuming that role.  I had a chance to talk with Jeremy Simon with about the hire, and learned some invaluable insight.  "There is uncertaintty at West Virginia because there have been no contract extensions finalized for Dana Holgrensen.    Mitchell was on the last year of his contract, so I'm sure stability played a role in his decision."

I asked Simon why he thought Virginia Tech sought to retain Mitchell's services.  He said,"Mitchell was in Blacksburg yesterday and got offered.  At our site, we were looking at any connection between Mitchell and Virginia Tech and didn't see anything apparent."

"At East Carolina he was known as someone who had a reputation of recruiting the Tidewater area of Virginia."

-Jeremy Simon,

Jeremy went on to say that Dana Holgrensen and defensive coordinator Tony Gibson were both keen on retaining Mitchell, but were unable to keep him. One thing is for sure about Justin Fuente. He is serious about making sure the 757 is Virginia Tech's official backyard.