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Virginia Tech Football Is a True Force Of Nature

Lane Stadium has always been known as loud...but earthshaking?

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

When Miami came to play Virginia Tech in 2011, some interesting stuff happened.  Don't get me started on how much I dislike Hurricane Nation, but there is one great thing that ties the two teams together.  All of the Big East showdowns aside, this is probably the coolest thing about the series.

Not only was the game incredible, the Hokie nation managed to register the game on the Richter scale. That means the game, for lack of better phrasing, registered as an earthquake. Schools can brag on being loud. How many schools can say that their stadiums are forces of nature? The Hokies won the game 38-35, but the game resonates in the history books of a very small list of venues that can actually show up on the geographical record. The season is quickly approaching, and the tradition of being one of the most intimidating venues should be carried like a badge of honor.  Did I mention that we are on the list twice?


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