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Congratulations to Virginia Tech Fan Denny Hamlin on His Daring Daytona 500 Win

Not too often that Hokies get to the big show, and Denny is a huge Hokie Football Fan... (Needs to get Joe Gibbs to let him squeeze a VT on his car somewhere...) I know... I know... sponsor money, etc. But what a daring move right on the final straightaway. It'll go down as a great one.

Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona 500  by a Hokie Feather...
Denny Hamlin wins the Daytona 500 by a Hokie Feather...
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Well how about that!  A serious Hokie Fan grabs the Super Bowl of NASCAR Racing... Denny Hamlin makes a daring move in the #11 to cross the finish line a Hokie Bird tail feather ahead of Martin Truex, Jr.  People will be hailing it as the closest Daytona finish in history.   Back in the days of bump drafting, and daring do of Richard "The King" Petty, the Allison Brothers, AJ Foyt (who raced everything), and cars were real stock cars is where I lost track of the racing scene.  But Hamlin... he's a Hokie fan.. and that makes him special.

Great Job Denny!  Go Hokies!

Hamlin's Daytona 500 Win