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Boston College Joins the Arms Race, Miami Last Holdout

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Indoor facilities are the new "BMWs" of athletic programs. Only the Miami Hurricanes are without one.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Facilities do many things for athletic departments.  It helps lure recruits.  It shows the world you mean business. It falls squarely between innovation and keeping up with the neighbors.  Every single A.C.C. club has, or has plans, for an indoor facility except one.  The Miami Hurricanes are currently the only A.C.C. program without an indoor practice facility.

If you look across the landscape of Power 5 football, the competition is growing more and more competitive every day. Any, and all edge in recruiting is looked at as the new currency. There is a practical side to boasting an indoor practice area. If the weather is foul, the team doesn't miss a beat for practice. If you play on grass, and are visiting a "turf team", one would consider practicing on the carpet.  One Miami team that plays college football has an indoor facility, just not the one you think:

Miami of Ohio has a state of the art indoor facility. It took awhile for Mark Richt to get it at Georgia, I wonder how long it will take at "The U". My dad always said, "You never get rich counting another man's wallet," so I am so glad Virginia Tech is squarely ahead of this curve.