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The University of Virginia Is The Most Hated Team In All of Virginia

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After not seeing the Commonwealth Cup for a decade, the 'Hoos finally win something

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers finally won something.  It's hard for us at Gobbler Country to recognize "that school up north" for accolades, but then SBNation (The Home Office) released a map of the most hated team in each state.  Here is the picture:  The results were compiled through Reddit's CFB sub.

We see what you did there, U.V.A.. We will begrudgingly give you baseball and hoops, but football is still our thing. Don't get me wrong, we want to beat you in all competitions of skill, but football is king. I can't imagine the shockwaves this map sent up in wine country.  Looking at the map, a couple things stand out.  Ohio State, Alabama, and Michigan are in multiple states.  The logic would say that people hate winners.  Looking at the past decade of results from Virginia, they just must be jerks.  People hate jerks.  If the jerks wear ties to football games and drink Chardonnay, then it gets magnified.

It did kind of hurt that West Virginia hates Pitt more than us.  I understand the history of the rival, but the Black Diamond Trophy should muster some good old fashioned hatred.  Good job 'Hoos.