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Virginia Tech Football Announces "Effect Games"

Plenty of time to grab that favorite shirt so you're not "that guy".

Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Virginia Tech football released the dates for all the widely popular "effect games".  In case you've been living in a cave, this is where all the fans wear the same color.  The effect is visually popping.  I liked how the athletic department gives us plenty of time to make the proper choice.  I have a 4 shirt rotation in my personal arsenal.  I may not attend any home games this season, but be rest assured I will be supporting the "effect".  The B.C. game on 9/17 will be the white effect. I always called this one a "white out", but Hokies do effects.  Penn State does this one really well.  One suggestion for the athletic department: Have the color coded pom pom on each seat before the games.  They do this at some bowl games I've been to, and looks amazing.  I will be wearing a vintage Lane Stadium shirt that is older than my 10 year old son.  It has seen some battles, and even survived the infamous salsa incident of 2010.  Lifetime record for this shirt is 12-4.

On 9/24 it will be the "orange effect" against E.C.U.. After last years' frustrating loss, I hope it becomes an orange crush.  I will go with my simple V.T. Nike t-shirt that is 4-1 in lifetime wearings.  That particular shirt is most famous for being the second half shirt when we upset the Buckeyes in Columbus.  Yes, sometimes a halftime switch up happens in my house, but it's very rare.  I transitioned from my personalized jersey to that lucky charm to help seal the deal.

On 10/20, the "maroon effect" game features the dreaded Miami Hurricanes.  For this I will be sporting a new Nike golf shirt that will get a great test when Richt and crew come to town.  Who knows, maybe this rookie shirt will find its way into my rotation.

O.K. Hokie fans, now that you know what I will be rocking on these "effect games", make sure you share your old favorites on our Facebook page.  Look forward to hearing some great stories surrounding you game worn Hokie gear!