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Eron Carter Commits To Virginia Tech

Linebacker Eron Carter of Palatka, Florida, committed to Virginia Tech over offers from rigorous academic schools...and you can see why on the field.

Andrew might have competition down the road in the form of LB Eron Carter
Andrew might have competition down the road in the form of LB Eron Carter
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Eron Carter is an interesting later offer that bore fruit. His other offers are from Massachusetts, Tulane, Western Kentucky, Air Force, Army, Colgate and the like. I'll always welcome a linebacker with a head on his shoulders. Athleticism is great, but heady play sure helps. Carter adds to a position of need with his commitment. He's only rated on Rivals, and at 2 stars, but he's got the frame and the brain to be another of Tech's underrated long-playing linebacking finds.

Eron Carter (Palatka, FL. 230lbs, 6'-2". Linebacker)

I can see why Carter has looks from military academies based on his play. You can tell that he's thinking ahead of the play rather than running ahead of it, but it works well for him, since he's sizable enough to use his mass well and athletic enough to make the plays he's deducing. His frame right now is perfect for an inside linebacker in Foster's scheme, assuming he puts on about 10-20 lbs. He reminds me a lot of how Jack Tyler used to play- though Tyler was built like a barn and Carter's a bit more svelte than that. He's good at beating and shedding blocks at high school level-we'll see if that translates- but it would be great if that ability translated. I love watching him stop a bit and pick through the trash to get to his man. You can tell he can see where people are going before I think THEY know where they're going to be going. I'd give a lot to have a guy with that kind of brains running the middle of defense. You know that he'll not take a bad angle or overpursue. I'd swear that he was doing calculus out there. Whatever he might lack in sheer flash, he makes up for in substance between the ears. And it's really nice when you can SEE brains at work in a player's head. I like his solid tackling ability and his sense of location.

Congratulations on signing, Eron, and welcome to Virginia Tech!