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Rick Wells Sticks With Florida

Longtime Florida commit Rick Wells sticks with Gators

Joining Ford in the near future might be WR Rick Wells.
Joining Ford in the near future might be WR Rick Wells.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There's a certain reason why slow-playing guys can backfire on you, and that's in a commitment switch. The rumor was that Raines WR Rick Wells had been a backburner, lower priority target for Florida in its class, even while he was committed. Wells flirted with the Hokies, but eventually signed his LOI with the Gators.

Unfortunately, it proved to be a gigantic troll move. Wells is rated as a 4-star by Rivals and ESPN, and a 3 star by 247 and Scout.

Rick Wells (Jacksonville, FL. 195lbs, 6'-2". Wide Receiver)

Wells has a relatively compact stride for a long-legged receiver, but theoretically he could chew up ground. He DOES have a huge catch radius- as I described before, his quarterback is a bit scattershot, and Wells has to make up for that. He's also a huge body, which is always good as a bailout receiver. Combine the hands with the moves and the body control, he'd be a very valuable weapon no matter where you line him up on the field.