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National Signing Day 2016: Virginia Tech Edition

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Let's Look At Who We Know Are Locked and Enrolled

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

National Signing Day is here, and before we start name dropping, let's look at who we already have in the stable for 2016. These kids are already enrolled at Virginia Tech and are signed, sealed, and delivered.

Player Stars (24/7 Composite) State Position Height/Weight Position Rank
Jerod Evans **** TX QB 6'4" 225 1
Khalil Ladler *** FL CB 5'10" 168 34
Divine Deablo *** NC WR 6'3 180  73
Joshua Jackson *** MI QB 6'2" 200 12
Eric Kumah *** VA WR 6'3" 205 90
Samuel Denmark *** SC WR 6'0" 175 104
Demetri Moore *** MS OT 6'6" 285 12
Jimmie Taylor *** NC WDE 6'3" 220 48

Before we can announce anybody, let's take a good look at who we have already. The fact that Jerod Evans (#1 ranked JUCO QB in the country) is already in should fire you up. The fact that we also have Joshua Jackson signed should let you breathe easy. Quarterback depth has been a real issue for the Hokies, and having Lawson, Evans, and Jackson in the pipeline pretty much guarantees we will have depth in the backfield like never before. Stay tuned to and twitter @gobblercountry all day today to see who else we welcome home.