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Torrian Gray Reportedly Leaving Virginia Tech

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With timing that only be described as "curious", Gray is reportedly heading to Florida

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

National signing day should be about recruits, not coaches, but that changed late Wednesday when news surfaced that Torrian Gray was leaving Virginia Tech to join Jim McElwain and the Florida Gators Staff.

This was highly unexpected, as Gray is known for his recruiting prowess. The fact the news was broken on NSD is even more bizarre. Gray had been a Hokie since 2006, and will be named defensive backs coach at U.F..The questions that need to be asked are: "What did he tell the kids who signed their L.O.I.'s today? Why didn't he leave when Frank Beamer retired?" More on this story as more information becomes available. This is not a great way to cap a signing day and a class that is charged with returning the program to respectability.