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Cam Newton VS. Jerod Evans

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Both were two highly recruited JUCO QB's. Who had better numbers?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Cam Newton has a bunch of trophies in his closet.  He won the Heisman Trophy, a national championship, a NFL MVP, and perhaps a Super Bowl ring.  He played at Florida, then Blinn College.  Blinn College is a junior college in Mississippi, and that is where Cam caught the eye of other football powerhouses.  Newton was recruited by Mississippi State, and  Oklahoma.  He eventually landed at Auburn.  Auburn rode Cam all the way to the promised land, winning a national championship in 2010.  Jerod Evans hasn't had quite the checkered past of Newton, but shows some similar attributes.  Evans was highly recruited by Justin Fuente at Memphis.  When Fuente accepted the job at Tech, the relationship continued.  Evans is 6'3 225".  Cam Newton is 6'5" 245.  The difference is 2" and 20 pounds on the stats sheet.  The key difference is how Virginia Tech will utilize Evans.  It's completely up to Fuente to put this guy in the right position to be successful.

Evans had a pretty good season last year at Trinity Valley.  He threw for 38 touchdowns.  He averaged just shy of 400 yards per game (395.5).  These numbers make me, and most coaches, salivate.  I forgot the most salient point of all...Evans posted those numbers in EIGHT GAMES.  We aren't saying Evans is going to be the next Cameron Newton, but Hokie fans everywhere should be jacked he's wearing orange and maroon next season.