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College Gameday Host Tells The Truth

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Kirk Herbstreit shares his opinion when asked the tough questions

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Speed kills.  That's what highway signs, police officers, and offensive coordinators have always told us.  When it comes to legendary burners of all time, Virginia Tech has seen some serious speed merchants.  Kirk Herbstreit was asked on twitter who he thought had the best wheels he has ever seen, and the answer was "easy".

When looking back at guys at Tech that have serious wheels, I would humbly agree. Vick was a different type of speed. Michael Vick was akin to you and I running foot races against fourth graders. Vick made Big East defenders look silly. He also made N.F.L. talent look absolutely outmatched.

The fact that a guy like Herbstreit mentioned Vick as the number one guy of all time is simply validation of what thousands of Hokie fans have known all along: Vick was easily the fastest guy on the field in every game he played in Blacksburg.