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N.I.T. Brackets That are Ready to Print

The Hokies will play on Wednesday. Gobbler Country is here to help you track the progress!

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

So the Hokies are going to be in the National Invitational Tournament.  Hopefully the Hokies will be ready to play all the way to Madison Square Garden.  The Hokies will host the Princeton Tigers on Wednesday night at the Cassell, and could possibly face Alabama in the second round.  How can you track the Hokies all the way to New York City?  It's simple, print out the bracket and put it on your office cube.  If you aren't in a cube, put it on your fridge at home!  I remember as a kid handwriting brackets and kind of miss it.

You can print out the official N.I.T. bracket by clicking here!

Let's get ready to destroy some Ivy League butt on Wednesday!