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Buzz Williams Oklahoma State Rumors Refuse To Die

After a strong year, the Williams to O.S.U. rumors rekindle

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last year around this time, we heard a slight rumor that Buzz Williams might be leaving Blacksburg for Oklahoma State.  It turned out that the rumor was exactly that, just a rumor.  Now that Cowboys' coach Travis Ford had another disappointing season (12-20), the rumor mill is cranking back up.  Norm Wood from The Daily Press in Newport News, asked Buzz Williams directly about the situation:

That is the classic "non-denial" denial.  The fact that Buzz wrapped his best year as a Hokie has definitely garnered some national attention.    Dennis Dodd from offered this:

""The speculators are already circling. Former Cowboys point guard (and CBS Sports Radio host) Doug Gottlieb has been endorsed by his former coach, the retired Eddie Sutton. The name of Virginia Tech coach Buzz Williams has come up."--Dennis Dodd, Senior Writer

You can view the entire article here. The real question remains, "Is Buzz Williams in play?"  That answer can only be given by Buzz Williams and Whit Babcock.   Stick with Gobbler Country as we cover this evolving story.  You can read last year's article about Buzz/O.S.U. by clicking here.