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Virginia Tech Baseball Signs Naming Rights

In a move that might forecast needed improvement, Hokies ink 3.5 million dollar deal.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Union Bank & Trust has stepped up to the plate.  There have been whispers of an English Field upgrade for a while now, and this commitment will make the project happen.  Virginia Tech is currently in the bottom three for baseball facilities in the A.C.C.. The upgraded facility  will be called English Field at Union Park.  We interviewed Coach Patrick Mason earlier this season, and he played coy when discussing English Field's future.  He did talk about wanting to improve the fan experience, as well as some modernization.  The funds generated by the naming rights will certainly do that.  Bidding hasn't happened yet, so don't expect a quick turnaround on the project.  The fact that Timothy Sands and team have secured sponsorship speaks volumes.  Whit Babcock and the athletic department's decisions on recent facility upgrades demonstrate the commitment from the university.

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