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3* LB Aundre Kearney Commits to Virginia Tech

Hendon Hooker wasn't the only one to jump onboard the #Statement17 on Thursday. Virginia Tech got a commitment from a linebacker from Florida, Aundrey Kearney. He's the fourth commitment for the class and the third defensive commitment.

Foster gets another linebacker to work with
Foster gets another linebacker to work with
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhat expected good news today (Hendon Hooker's commitment) was just stacked up with another announcement breaking late tonight. News officially broke around 11PM that the Hokies would net another commitment for the 2017 class, this time with the addition of Aundre Ricardo-Kearney from Jacksonville, Florida. Kearney is rated as a three star player across the recruiting services. He's probably going to be a linebacker; we've reached out to Kearney with an interview request. Kearney is the fourth player to commit to Virginia Tech, and we have confirmed he intends on early enrolling. A former Miami commitment, he decommitted from the U after Al Golden was fired. His offer came from the Beamer times- offered June 18th- but it obviously stood under Coach Fu and he chose to commit now.

On to the tape review!

Aundre Ricardo Kearney (Jacksonville, Florida. 210lbs, 6'-0". Linebacker/Running Back)

Kearney is most likely, due to his size, to suit up for Bud Foster's linebacking corps at the backer slot. Kearney is exceptionally quick- probably why he suits up at both positions. He's good at tracking down the play relentlessly, and, something definitely likely to please those that have been complaining about personal fouls on our defense as of late, has some very commendable, sure tackling form. Yes, it's a lot of grip-based strength, but hey, grab something. He's got pretty solid anticipation, and even seems to have the speed and knack to play out in coverage. Granted, that's not to say I don't like his work as a running back- he's got a little shiftiness and burst that I think is nice. But on the major college level, he's definitely going to me your Swiss-Army-Knife-like linebacker that you just throw at things. He's the kind of guy you want in when you're playing Georgia Tech- a quicker guy that can track down those pesky option runners. I like his strength, too- he's perfectly willing to destroy blockers on his way to the running back or quarterback.

Welcome to the Hokies class of 2017, Aundre! Happy to have another addition to the Lunch Pail Defense!