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Buzz Williams on TV

We're all supposed to be happy about this, right?!?

Always dressed for success, Buzz Williams is becoming a household name.
Always dressed for success, Buzz Williams is becoming a household name.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been watching the NCAA Tournament the last few days, you may have caught a glimpse of Hokie basketball coach Buzz Williams talking hoops on national tv.  This is great exposure for him.  He gets to show his knowledge about basketball to the nation.  It is great for the university, especially with him dressed in VT colors and with a Virginia Tech pin on his lapel.  Wonderful exposure for the program as a whole.  Great for recruiting.  Nothing like seeing your potential coach on television to keep the Hokies on your mind.

Yet, something about this whole thing makes me a little...uneasy.

In no way does the uneasiness come from Buzz Williams.  It's him being on tv, in a very similar way to our former coach (again who we do not mention by name,) that makes it all so strange.

Maybe I'm like someone who was cheated on in the past and now has a hard time trusting their new girlfriend.  Maybe I'm being paranoid.  I hope so.

But if Buzz does leave either this season or the next, I will think back to him being on tv.  All the exposure and how happy we all were to see him on tv and say, "that's when we started to lose our coach."

Although if he does go somewhere else, here is hoping that it isn't on ESPN.  I don't think I could watch that network again if two of our former coaches were on all the time.  That just sounds horrible.