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Rayshard Ashby: Interview with a Recruit

Gobbler Country sits down with recent Virginia Tech commit Rayshard Ashby.

Time to press record
Time to press record
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday, Gobbler Country interviewed recent Virginia Tech Commitment Rayshard Ashby about himself and the recruiting process. He's long been a VT lean, and we detail him and his tape here. But here are the questions and answers:

GC: What drew you to Virginia Tech?

RA: The coaching staff, the school- education wise, the fanbase is awesome, and I just felt at home!

GC: What do you want to study?

RA: I am interested in finance.

GC: Who was your primary recruiter?

RA: Before the change it was Shane Beamer, then it became Bud Foster and Coach Scott.

GC: Was that change fairly smooth? How was Shane different from Coach Scott and Coach Foster?

RA: The change was smooth...there was no difference, they all kept in touch and talked to Coach Fuente made sure he talked to me, too.

GC: How long after the coaching change did Coach Fuente get into contact with you and what was his overall message?

RA: I don't know the exact time, but it was a junior day. I went to and we sat down and he talked to me and my family and just let me know how they still wanted me and nothing changed with that aspect, but he just let me know about him and after that junior day he kept in touch with me since.

GC: So he was pretty hands on with your recruitment, then?

RA: Yes, he was.

GC: Did Coaches Scott and Foster recruit you for a specific position on the defense (mike/backer/whip/rover)?

RA: They recruited me for the Mike position.

GC: That's going to be a lot of competition for the years to come, then. Sounds like you aren't afraid of a fight for playing time. What do you think your greatest strengths on the field are?

RA: Yeah, it's some competition but that's what I like. And my instincts, ability to make plays, and my ability to move sideline to sideline are my strengths.

GC: What do you think you have to work on the most in your senior year?

RA: Getting stronger and faster and getting off blocks better...basically everything.

We'd like to thank Rayshard for his time, especially on an Easter Sunday afternoon. I like the fact that he's not afraid at all of taking a position that's stacked with bodies (Mike in particular has Andrew Motuapuaka, Carson Lydon, Eron Carter, and Sean Huelskamp lined up in a position fight). I also like the fact that he isn't afraid of going after a difficult major (finance is famously hard at Virginia Tech). Also intriguing was the fact that Coach Fuente was very hands-on with his recruiting, something I don't think that we'd heard a lot late in Coach Beamer's tenure. Here's hoping that activity continues. Again, we'd like to thank Rayshard for his time and honesty in this interview.