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Gobbler Country Remembers Brian Edmonds

Former fullback passed away

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It pains us to say that the Virginia Tech Hokies have lost one of our own.  Brian Edmonds was a four year letterman from 1993-1996.  The former fullback lettered four years at Virginia Tech.  The outpouring of sympathy and shock hit social media, and many of his teammates remembered Brian.

After reading all the memorials for Brian, one can't help to get emotional. I first heard the name Brian Edmonds as a football player. Judging by the lives he has touched, he was much more than that. A gofundme page has been set up to help with Brian's son Amari and the rest of the Edmonds family.  You can donate to Brian Edmond's memorial fund here. On the page this is the emotional plea:

Amari Edmonds is an amazing young man he just turned 18 years old last week and his father passed away today leaving his legacy to be carried on with his son.Brian Edmonds was a genuine individual and cared so deeply for his son.I can't imagine loosing a parent so I won't say Amari I know how you feel.But as a community family and friends Please help me raise money for Amari's education his dad work so hard to raise such a good child and he would not even be here to see his son walk across the stage in June.....Amari made a call in disbelief that his dad was gone and in his word he said,Dad Please Pick Up The Phone I Don't Believe You Are Gone Dad Please Pick Up...My heart is with the entire Edmonds Family but Amari will suffer the most...Love You Amari Edmonds! He is also the son of Natasha Ghee whom is my sister.

Please all Hokies, remember Brian and donate what you can to help his son.