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Buzz Williams or Michael Vick? Virginia Tech Has History of Being Hosed

Buzz Williams should be the A.C.C. Coach of the Year

"Coach, you didn't win Coach of the Year"--Everyone who watches A.C.C. Basketball
"Coach, you didn't win Coach of the Year"--Everyone who watches A.C.C. Basketball
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

I had a bit of outrage today when I learned Buzz Williams is not the A.C.C. coach of the year.  He was close.  He lost by 2 votes to a very deserving Jim Larranaga from Miami.  It reminded me of another scenario where a Hokie was robbed of post season honors.

In 1999-2000, Michael Vick finished 6th in the Heisman balloting.  Here were the results courtesy of our friends at

1,Chris Weinke,Florida State,SR,QB,369,216,89,1628,266 Cmp 431 Att 4167 Yds 33 TD 11 Int
2,Josh Heupel*,Oklahoma,SR,QB,286,290,114,1552,305 Cmp 472 Att 3606 Yds 20 TD 15 Int
3,Drew Brees*,Purdue,SR,QB,69,107,198,619,309 Cmp 512 Att 3668 Yds 26 TD 12 Int
4,LaDainian Tomlinson,Texas Christian,SR,RB,47,110,205,566,369 Att 2158 Yds 5.8 Avg 22 TD
5,Damien Anderson*,Northwestern,SR,RB,6,20,43,101,311 Att 2063 Yds 6.6 Avg 23 TD
6,Michael Vick,Virginia Tech,SO,QB,7,14,34,83,87 Cmp 161 Att 1234 Yds 8 TD 6 Int
7,Santana Moss,Miami (FL),SR,WR,3,9,28,55,45 Rec 748 Yds 16.6 Avg 5 TD
8,Marques Tuiasosopo,Washington,SR,QB,5,8,10,41,170 Cmp 323 Att 2146 Yds 14 TD 11 Int
9,Ken Simonton*,Oregon State,JR,RB,1,5,12,25,284 Att 1559 Yds 5.5 Avg 19 TD
10,Rudi Johnson,Auburn,JR,RB,3,1,9,20,324 Att 1567 Yds 4.8 Avg 13 TD

Looking at this list,I count 2 locks for the Hall of Fame, and I can make a case for Santana Moss.  That doesn't upset me.  Looking back to 1999, there was no player that did more for his team than Michael Vick.  When the A.C.C. released its C.O.Y. voting, I had those same feelings.  What coach had the most impact?  For me, it was Buzz Williams for sure.  Virginia Tech has some pedigree of late when it comes to C.O.Y. honors.  Seth Greenberg won it in 2004, and in 2007.  The Hokies will not be "dancing" this March, but I think we can all agree we are on the right path.  Anytime your head coach BARELY misses Coach of the Year honors, it's a win.