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Why Buzz Williams Is Special

The many ways Coach Williams is different than all the rest.

Only Buzz
Only Buzz
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Langdon Williams is a different kind of man.  One that has an aura about him.  One that makes others gravitate toward him.  One that is...special.

Most of us think of Coach Williams as the man of many sayings.  "You get the best efforts from others, not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within."  Or "the WILL is more important than the skill and culture.  Without that WILL in everybody, the culture will perish."  If you think that is all that he is you are mistaken.

What makes him special are how is players treat him.

Many of you watched how his players reacted to beating Miami.  For those of you who didn't, let me paint you the picture.  Hugs.  And I'm not talking about something that is superficial.  But real hugs, the ones that have meaning and show the love they have for another human being.  If you think that was for are mistaken.

There is no 18-22 year-old basketball player who gives hugs for fun.  This is real.

Buzz Williams is a man.  Most of us scoff at what a man is now a days, but Buzz takes the idea to heart.  He is a father.  If you were to ask his children, they would tell you that he is there for them.  That he loves them.  That he goes to their dances.  He doesn't miss what is important.  He is there not only because he is their father, but more importantly, because he cares about his family.

Family.  That is what he brings to the Hokie Nation.  He is the father of our team.  The patriarch who makes our whole organization work.  Mr. Williams makes our young men run.  Gets them into the right positions.  Gives us belief when we would have none otherwise.

We believe because of him.  We dream because he helps us to dream.   We love because he tells us that it is okay.

There isn't much that he doesn't do.  There aren't many areas he doesn't help us to be better.  We are many.  We are dangerous.  We are Virginia Tech.  And we believe in Buzz Williams.