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Dwayne Lawson To Redshirt?

One possible scenario involves Lawson sitting down.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Swiss bank accounts have nothing on Justin Fuente and staff in terms of quarterbacks.  This spring has shed little light on the crowded backfield.  Beat writer Andy Bitter from The Roanoke Times wrote a recent article surrounding the QB competition.  You can read Andy's article here. After reading that Jerod Evans and Brenden Motley are leading the pack, the questions surrounding sophomore Dwayne Lawson loom large.  When QB Michael Brewer went down to injury last season, Motley stepped in to lead the Hokies.  Lawson was used only a handful of times last year, which some fans labeled as a waste of eligibility.  For whatever the reason, Lawson didn't get a fair chance to live up to his billing.  This season, with a new regime, Lawson has a fresh slate to turn the coaches heads.  Hearing that Lawson is trailing Motley and Evans is no surprise.  Motley has D1 experience, and Evans was a juco super stud.

There may be a case to redshirt Lawson THIS season.  If Motley and Evans are truly far ahead of Lawson, it would make a lot of sense.  The Hokies also have true freshman Josh Jackson and redshirt freshman Jack Click to provide additional depth.  Lawson has incredible physical tools and will one day showcase them at Lane Stadium.  If the coaches think he needs a little more time, that's fine.  I would much rather err on the side of caution when it comes to Lawson.  Michael Vick was a redshirt freshman when he completely shredded Big East defenses on the way to a national championship appearance.  I'm not saying Lawson will be the next incarnation of number 7, but it shows that even the most explosive athletes need time to learn and grow.  I have stated earlier on Gobbler Country that I believe Jerod Evans will be the starter in 2016, but I also surmise he won't be the only QB to see the field this year for the Hokies.

No other Virginia Tech athlete in recent memory has energized the fan base quite like Lawson.  There is an old saying, "The most popular guy on the team is the back up QB," but Hokie fans really wanted to see more Lawson last year.  I have to believe that Beamer and company wouldn't put Lawson in a position to fail, and he needed more time.  One thing is for certain: The Virginia Tech fan base wants Dwayne Lawson to be the best player he can be.  It might be this year.  It might be next year.  Lawson is far too talented to disappear.  Coach Fuente will make the right call and put the best QB under center for 2016, and I for one can't wait to see who trots out to take the first snap.