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Virginia Tech Football Ready For Prime Time?

Saturday will be the first look at the Fuente led Hokies. How will Virginia Tech measure up?

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Spring games score about a two on the entertainment scale.  They do, however, provide a glimpse of the product that will be showcased in the fall.  Coach Justin Fuente will debut his edition of the Hokies in Lane Stadium.  This is a scrimmage, but the message it sends about a program is monumental.  It is a measuring stick of sorts, as the blue chip programs boast about how may die hard fans they pack in for basically a practice.

Ohio State certainly filled the 'Shoe yesterday, and some other notables stand out.  First year Georgia coach Kirby Smart called out his 'Dawg fans, and they delivered.  93,000 Bulldogs invaded Sanford Stadium for the scrimmage.  A SCRIMMAGE.

Nick Saban finished second to his former assistant with 76,212. If the Hokie fans want to be considered with the big boys, we should act like it. Imagine the impression we would give Coach Fuente and staff (not to mention all the recruits on hand) if Lane Stadium was filled to capacity. There has been a ton of energy surrounding the program, and what an awesome way to signal a new beginning. We have a chance to make a huge statement on Saturday, and it would be foolish to pass it up. I am calling for all Hokies to do their absolute best to fill Lane and give the coaches and players a proper Virginia Tech welcome. Last year the rain was a real bummer, and attendance suffered. True attendance figures are sketchy at best, but we should be able to establish a new one this weekend. One thing for sure, we better be able to draw more than that other school in Virginia. They are in a similar situation as the Hokies. First year coach Bronco Mendenhall hopes to fill Scott Stadium. It won't be hard to beat last year's crowd: Get ready to start jumping, get pumped! LET'S GO!!!