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Virginia Tech Vs. Tennessee, Or Virginia Tech At Notre Dame?

Decisions, decisions. When it comes to picking special games, price plays an important role.

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Football season will be here before you know it, and many Hokie fans are looking at two games with particular interest.  The Battle At Bristol will be the biggest college football game ever seen.  That's pretty cool.  If you are lucky, wealthy, or both, you could see the Hokies play in probably the most storied stadium in college football.  The Hokies travel to South Bend, Indiana to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on November 19th.  Tickets for that game on are currently available for $198.00 each on the low end.  Like most Hokie fans, I am faced with a pretty pricey dilemma.  Living in Alabama, all the Virginia Tech games are "away", so I have to figure flights, rental cars, hotels, etc., into the equation.  Most Hokie fans will be lucky to catch one of these games in person.  The country club crowd will be able to see both. Comfortably.

Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion.  In the Big East days, the knock on Virginia Tech was that "they don't play anybody".  Virginia Tech and Miami would decide the conference usually the last week of the season.  Virginia Tech got serious about non-conference opponents starting in the early 2000's.  Since then the Hokies have played: Ohio State, Boise State, U.S.C., and Alabama to name a few.  With Tennessee picked by many pundits to win the S.E.C. East, and Notre Dame being Notre Dame, the Hokies non-con schedule this year looks absolutely daunting.  The great news for Hokie fans is that we usually play up or down to our competition.

I'm interested to hear from Hokie fans everywhere.  Are you planning to attend either game, or both?  If you are fortunate enough to attend both games, I am green with envy.  If you have any special events planned for either game, share that as well!