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Dalton Keene Commits to the Hokies

The #Statement17 grows to 7 members as Colorado athlete Dalton Keene commits to the Hokies SUPER early in the morning. The start of a great week?

Tight Ends plz
Tight Ends plz
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is why I pay attention to Evan Watkins and his predictions. This past weekend, Dalton was in Lincoln visiting the Huskers for their spring game. Afterward, bam, three predictions to Big Red. Well, that was sudden....and apparently completely incorrect. Obviously I'm not here to diss predictors- people get it wrong all the time (JaQuan Bailey, anyone?), and they get it right. But it simply is kinda funny in this instance- if only because this commitment came in EARLY, and on the Monday just after the game where he visited them. I've got no beef against Nebraska at all- my Grandfather played for the Huskers in 1949. But this has to sting a bit. The Huskers don't have a dedicated full-time Tight End coach- it's handled by a GA. That probably hurt them, along with the fact that Keene, or rather, his father, has a pre-existing relationship with defensive line coach Charley Wiles. They were college roommates.

I'm not going to go super in-depth right now with the prospect's tape- check that out here- but suffice it to say that he's a big athlete with the perfect frame and size to become a Y-tight end at the college level after playing both Linebacker and Running back (Yes, a 6'-5" running back. Because.) in high school. But I like the fact that this staff is leaving no stone unturned. We've got offers out in Michigan, Alabama, Louisiana, and multiple other states where the Hokies haven't been all that much. And while Dalton Keene is obviously a special case due to the relationship with Wiles, it helps make this class feel more widespread and aggressive than previous classes. We're going AFTER people. Seven commits already? Positive news and vibes on big in-state talent like Tahj Capehart, Eric Crosby, Devon Hunter, and Jonathan Sutherland? I would love to be cautious thanks to years of being burned in this process, but boy the aura has changed perception-wise. Perhaps that's an unfair observation, and these things can go WILDLY out of whack due to decommitments, but having a seven member class already? It feels like a record. We're even likely to see more commitments this week- considering the spring game is this weekend, it's a perfect opportunity to grab another couple members of the #Statement17, and there's more than a couple that are seriously up for grabs, too. Hopefully I'll have more good news for you this weekend. I'll be at the game, so I hope to see all of you there.

Go Hokies, and welcome to Virginia Tech, Dalton!