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Virginia Tech Football Schedule Won't Be This Good Until 2020

With opponents Tennessee and Notre Dame, this is the best schedule for a few years.

Evan Habeeb/Getty Images

The twin combo of Notre Dame and Tennessee in 2016 will have to hold us over for awhile.  Looking ahead to 2017, it seems the non-con hot streak comes to a close.  Notre Dame is a quasi member of A.C.C. football, and we will face them again soon, but the rest of the schedule is less than challenging.  In 2017 the Hokies will face West Virginia in D.C., but will follow that up with Delaware, East Carolina, and Old Dominion.  Some will argue (given past matchups) that East Carolina isn't a cupcake.  It's hard to say they are cupcakes, considering the beating they gave the Hokies last year.  Delaware and Old Dominion are at best ho hum.

2018 is also less than stellar.  We open up with William and Mary, and again, East Carolina and Old Dominion.  They do get to host Notre Dame, which will be amazing.  2018 also rekindles the Florida State/Virginia Tech rivalry as the Hokies will travel to Tallahassee.  2019 is more of the same as the Hokies open with Furman, Old Dominion, and East Carolina.  Not exactly must see T.V., or must have season tickets.  Fear not Hokie fans, because in 2020 the Hokies face one of toughest schedules I can remember.  It must be said that the teams on the slate now might be drastically different, but on paper, WOW.

After a snoozer with Liberty to open, The Hokies will host Penn State in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech must have Big 10 on the brain, because the following week Virginia Tech will take it to the house. THE BIG HOUSE:

That's a heck of a one-two punch.  If Jim Harbaugh is still coaching (a big if) that would be an awesome sight.  The "It was a catch" crowd will have that game circled for sure.  Tech will also play a cross-divisional game at Louisville that should be highly entertaining.  I love that Tech is playing blue bloods and hope it continues in the future.