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Buzz Williams Hot On The Recruiting Trail

Coach Buzz heads north in search of some basketball talent

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Buzz Williams headed to New Hamsphire on Monday to talk to Alpha Diallo.  Diallo hoops it up for Brewster Academy, and is currently rated as a 4* by 24/  Diallo is a 6'7" small forward who is known for his ability to score from many different areas of the court.  The Hokies have already locked up Khadim Sy, and are looking to add to a promising class.  Sy is a product of famed Oak Hill Academy, and it would be a coup for Williams to add Diallo to the front court.  Virginia Tech showed last year that Buzz likes playing a lot of players, so any added depth would be huge for the Hokies.  The forward was also scheduled to visit Florida, but yesterday this news broke:

I'm many things, but a recruiting expert I am not. I do believe, however, that the timing of the Buzz Williams visit and the cancellation of the Florida trip may point to good things for the Hokies!