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Eric Crosby from the #757 Chooses Vols Over Virginia Tech

Virginia Beach DT Eric Crosby was heavily recruited by the Hokies, but ends up in Knoxville

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech's struggles to keep the top in-state talent have been a constant source of consternation for our fanbase. And most of that high end talent comes from the 757 area code- Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. Well, the drought continues as Eric Crosby committed to the Vols today. He was ranked high in the nation by Rivals, 97th by Scout, 120th by ESPN, and 183rd by 247's own numbers (Composite 112th). Make no mistake, this is a big loss. Not only for the class itself, but for the fact that we lost to an SEC team (Tennessee in this case) for a big time 757 talent.

Tape Review Time:

Eric Crosby (Virginia Beach, VA. ~280lbs, ~6'-2". DT/FB)

Time will tell if this just a stumbling block on Tech's resurgence.  It is very disheartening to see Crosby choose Tennessee.  Gobbler Counry insiders had him leaning 80/20 Tech as late as last night.  We aren't sure what the deciding factors were, but will keep you posted.