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Virginia Tech's Football Field Gets The Fantasy Treatment From @Hokie20

Twitter user @Hokie20 imagines a new paint job to fit with the the new uniforms

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Recently Virginia Tech announced updates to all uniforms including football. The new unis are a mix of old and new.  The color palette is the same, but the numbers are in a modern font.  You can see all the new uniforms by clicking here. Anything that involves uniform changes gets immediate reaction, and thus far it has been overwhelmingly positive.

New Uniform Large Photo Courtesy Virginia Tech Athletic Department

With the recent changes to the uniforms, it got the twittersphere thinking.  Twitter user @Hokie20 has been featured on Gobbler Country before.  He comes up with all sorts of uniform and helmet designs for Virginia Tech.  The guy is extremely talented, and if you click here you can visit his incredible website. My favorite part of @Hokie20's website is a uniform creator that lets you mix and match jerseys, pants, and helmets.  After the new jerseys were announced, I'm sure he was already incorporating them into his website.

@Hokie20 also came up with a redesign of the Worsham Field paint job.  In my opinion, it is perfect.  Take a look at the finished product:

I think it has everything that a Hokie fan could want.  It's modern, and includes the new font.  It is inline with the branding that Whit Babcock outlined.  Great job @Hokie20 , keep them coming!