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Frank Beamer & Cam Young Will Battle Steve Spurrier & Sterling Sharpe

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge is just days away

On May, 1 former Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer will be competing again.  This time it will be on the golf course.  Beamer will be paired with former QB Cam Young.  Beamer and Young will be part of "The Masters" pairing that includes former South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier.  Beamer has been a long time participant in the event.  Beamer and Young will donate all the winnings to the charity Herma's Readers.  The event will be played at Reynolds Plantation Resort outside of Atlanta.

One can only imagine the conversations on the course between the two living legends. Spurrier has long been known as a terrific golfer, and Beamer is no slouch (insert Caddyshack joke here). If you live in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, try and stop by to support the Hokies and the charity involved.