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N.F.L. Draft Gobbler Country Message Board

Join Gobbler Country As We Watch And Comment On The Draft! You can watch the draft on ESPN or NFL network, and share your reactions with us!

Rob Carr/Getty Images

There may be no Hokies selected in the first round THIS year, but that shouldn't keep you down!  Join our Virginia Tech draft viewing party in the comments section.  We will be rating and arguing about all the first round pics tonight, and all the second and third round pics tomorrow night.  Just a quick recap on the Hokies.  CB Kendall Fuller is slated anywhere from mid 2nd round to early fifth.  You can see our full profile on Fuller in the gamestream section. DE/LB Dadi Nicolas is projected between the 3rd and the 7th rounds.  You can also see his full profile on the gamestream section.  With such large windows of projections, stay locked at to find out where the current Hokies will end up.  We will be also updated the draft choices as they come in, so make sure you bookmark us to keep up on the latest.