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Tyrod Taylor Or Michael Vick?

You have the first pick in this draft. Which QB would you take to start your franchise?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the draft approaching, I thought of an interesting question.  If I was a GM of an N.F.L. team, and could take Michael Vick from 2000, or Tyrod Taylor Taylor circa 2011, what would be the smart play?  It's not as easy as it seems.  Vick was the most explosive player coming out of college I have ever seen.  Taylor is sure and steady.  Taylor is also ready to perhaps take that next step.  We have seen Vick's ceiling.  I'm not sure we have seen Tyrod's.  The biggest problem in this mock of V.T. quarterbacks is Vick's troubled past.  If he hadn't gone to prison, what could have been?  I'm in no position to answer that, but Vick's skill set had certainly diminished upon his return.  It kind of boils down to the tortoise and the hare.  Taylor might provide a long term solution, while Vick is the "lightning in the bottle" that could net you a Super Bowl.

It would also be interesting to see Vick run the current day read option. That would have been unstoppable. For me, I would select Michael Vick for my franchise building pick. I would love to hear your thoughts regarding these two outstanding former Hokies.