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Virginia Tech Basketball Starting to Move

The Hokies are getting some super early love

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The nets have been cut down.  The Villanova Wildcats are your national champions.  North Carolina fought hard, but lost on a last second shot.  Soon after the game wrapped, pundits were already looking ahead to next year.  That's where Buzz Williams and team come into to play.  Several "way too early" basketball top 25's have included the Hokies so far.  That's a far cry from where Williams found the Hokies two years ago.  His third year will be pivotal, but if the Hokies can maintain a national presence, the sky is the limit.  Winning builds excitement.  Winning helps recruiting.  Tech has been a dormant program far too long.  The A.C.C. showed the world it is still the king of the court.  The question remains, "Can Virginia Tech legitimately compete for a league title?".

Spring football is already here, and the excitement surrounding football is insane.  I hope the Hokies out there realize the hoops team is on to something seriously special and get behind them!