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Satellite Camps Shut Down By NCAA

In a surprise move the N.C.A.A. shuts down satellite camps

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The A.C.C. and S.E.C. got their wish today as the N.C.A.A. prohibited satellite camps effective immediately.   The satellite camps were used to help recruiting by various schools in previously untapped markets.  Virginia Tech hasn't utilized the camps in the past, and with the ruling, won't be doing it any time soon.  Virginia Tech has been affected by these camps in the past, as other schools have raided Virginia in effort to bolster recruiting.  Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was a big proponent of the camps, and had his sights set on the commonwealth.

Penn State coach James Franklin has previously visited O.D.U. with his staff to run one such satellite camp last summer.  Having a big profile school in the state recruiting talent is never a good thing, and having the camps shut down can't hurt the Hokies.

Gobbler Country has written about the camps in a previous article.  You can read my take on the camps by clicking here. With the N.C.A.A. ruling, it gives everyone the same competitive balance.  Having the A.C.C. ban the camps entirely before today's ruling handcuffed Virginia Tech to following conference protocol.  With recruiting being a 24/7 enterprise (pardon the pun), it's only a matter of time before creative head coaches find other ways to skirt the edges of the rulebook.