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Virginia Tech Football Needs A Rival

The Hokies need competition with a little bit extra.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

It used to be Virginia.  That's what I tell people who ask me who Virginia Tech's rival is.  The Commonwealth Cup has resided in Blacksburg so long, it's part of the scenery.  The Wahoos have been close lately, but the Hokies still have an iron grip on the "state championship".  This is an interesting time for both programs, as they have new head coaches. Justin Fuente inherited a sports car (albeit with high mileage), and Bronco Mendenhall inherited a station wagon.

When I did a Google search of "Virginia Tech Football" it listed U.V.A. and Miami as its main two rivals. That really didn't ring true for me. In the Big East days, I would totally agree with the Miami selection. Unfortunately for both teams, neither has been relevant nationally for some time.  I can't honestly remember the last time the Hokies played the 'Canes with something on the line.  I think the Hokies should look at playing Tennessee every year.  It makes geographic sense.  It is a great S.E.C.-A.C.C. battle.  If the inaugural Battle At Bristol does well, make it an annual event.  I guarantee it would be more dramatic than some of the Miami-VT match ups of late.  The only thing we need is some close, action packed football games between the two schools.  Looking at both rosters, this should be the case for the next few years to come.