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A.C.C. Will Have Collaborative Instant Replay

Officials will review games from Greensboro

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Virginia Tech was on the wrong side of some bad calls last year.  i feel pretty confident you could replace "Virginia Tech" with any team from the A.C.C., and my opening statement would still be true.  Commissioner John Swofford is trying to reduce bad during calls during games for the upcoming 2016 season.  The A.C.C. will now have "collaborative instant replay".  This means that the first line will be the officials calling the action.  If there is a question, the replay officials in the booth will have their say.  That's where the collaborative part comes in.  There will be up to three officials in Greensboro, N.C..,  who will be able to communicate with the replay officials in real time.  They will not be overturning calls, but will be helping ensure the right call is made the first time.  If the technology is sound, this should significantly reduce the amount of blown calls in the A.C.C.

The Danny Coale "It was a catch!" moment is arguably the worst replay call in Virginia Tech history. Ironically, this call could have been corrected if the game was a regular season A.C.C. game in 2016. The season will tell us if it is too time consuming or not, but it will good to have an extra set of eyes. Let's just hope our favorite official Ron Cherry decides to skip Virginia Tech games next season.