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Getting To Know Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Gobbler Country chats with 4-star 2017 basketball recruit Nickeil Alexander-Walker.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, the Hokies nabbed 4-star 2017 SG Nickeil Alexander-Walker. It was the first commitment for the Hokies for the 2017 recruiting cycle, and to start it off with strongly by adding a player like Alexander-Walker has got to make Buzz and his staff elated. I had a chance to talk ball with Nickeil and his VT commitment with him:

GC: So to start off, what were the reasons that made you want to commit to the Hokies?

NAW: The vibe was real - everyone was united. Coach Buzz is a great coach with a tremendous history of winning. I built a strong relationship with Coach Buzz and coach Jaime (McNeilly). Aside from all that, it puts me in the best spot to be successful. The list goes on.

Being from Canada and then moving down to Missouri, those places aren't really all that close to Blacksburg. How do you think you first got onto Buzz Williams' and VT's radar?

Well the assistant coach for Buzz Williams (Jaime McNeilly) is a Canadian and started recruiting me since I was in the 9th grade and then from there we were able to build a good relationship.

Oh nice. It was really interesting that you committed just a few days after you visited VT. Did you have a good idea you wanted to come here before your visit or was it after your visit that you thought this is where you wanted to play?

I never thought I would be committing there before the visit but after the visit the decision was pretty much easy.

Did you know about the recent rise of VT basketball over the last season and did that play into the decision?

Definitely but that was more of a bonus, outside of it being the perfect fit for me.

Do you watch a lot of college hoops or are you more of an NBA guy?

College hoops - that's my favorite thing to watch but I study a lot of NBA players.

How'd you enjoy the NCAA final and tournament this year?

It was great. I was really happy for all the ACC teams. They proved why it's the best conference in college basketball.

Which NBA players did you say you like to study?

Paul George, Steph Curry, James Harden, and Damian Lilllard.

Impressive group of players right there - all great shooters too. Do you try to focus on their shot mechanics specifically or just their all around games?

I like to study how they see the game and the reads they making. I'm just trying to soak up as much knowledge from the players as possible.

Can you give me a quick scouting report of yourself (strengths and weaknesses)?

Really good shooter, lengthy guard who can make plays. But I can't give away my weaknesses.

I respect that. On your 24/7 profile you're listed as a SG but you're much better playmaker than your average 2-guard. Is being a playmaker something you love to do or is it just another aspect of your game?

Both. A real leader makes his team better so I love making plays and making my teammates look better.

One of your YouTube mixtapes describes you as ambidextrous which is something that not a lot of HS guards can say about their abilities. Is that something else you really take pride in?

Definitely. I take pride in my entire game because I try to make the most out of my God given talent.

Do you have any other guys in the 2017 class you're going to try to recruit to join you at VT?

I leave that up to coach. I'm just another piece to the puzzle and they know what's best. If he asks me to then I most definitely will.

Last question: would you rather make a circus shot or get a circus assist?

Circus assist.

Alright man, I appreciate your time. Hope to see you breaking ankles in Blacksburg in a couple years.

Thank you, I can't wait to get out there.

Overall, Walker definitely has a good head on his shoulders and is a great competitor. He's got the skill and demeanor to be a very effective player on the next level.