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Recruit Report: Sean Savoy

Washington, DC athlete Sean Savoy is a wide receiver target for Coach Fuente's new high-flying offense. Let's take a look.

More WRs? Yes please.
More WRs? Yes please.
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Justin Fuente loves his playmakers. Sean Savoy fits that perfectly. Savoy is that kind of nasty quick receiver type that you stick in the slot and use to torment nickel cornerbacks. Savoy hails from the District, and his offers include Miami, Temple, Maryland, ODU, and Syracuse. He was noted as one of the superior performers at Nike's The Opening Regional up in Northern Virginia. Specifically, he was cited for his quickness and his good route-running. Right now he has two crystal balls to VT (One from Evan Watkins, which is more reassuring to see than most), but there are indications he has major interest in Miami.

His traits are hard to actually coach up, and starting from a higher level is always a good thing. Savoy is rated as a high three star by 247, a two star by Rivals, and is unrated by Scout and ESPN.

Sean Savoy (Washington, DC. 177lbs, 5'-11". Wide Receiver/Cornerback)

Savoy is definitely solid enough in coverage and aggressive enough in tackling to potentially be a defensive back if that comes to be the case. I do happen to subscribe to the theory that he's going to be a wide receiver- especially since Wiggins is his recruiter. He's a good, shifty runner with very nice speed, and I think his hands are more than adequate for the position at this point. He pivots and turns extremely well, and his moves are quite fluid. And yes, he does strike me as a dangerous potential kick returner- he's the right type of athlete that you want receiving that. I think the underrated part of his receiving and defensive game is his good body control, which is so hard to acquire as a skill. I think with the advanced toolkit he's already got, if you are already going to accept the smaller frame, he's more than capable of being a very good contributor at the college level. Hopefully we'll see him in the maroon and orange soon.