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Virginia Tech Satellite Camps A Reality

Beat reporter Andy Bitter gets it straight from Fuente

Photo Courtesy of Virginia Tech Athletics

After hinting around about satellite camps recently, coach Justin Fuente has tipped his hand.  According to Roanoke Times beat reporter Andy Bitter, the Hokies are planning satellite camps this summer.

The 757 is a no-brainer, as well as NOVA. NOVA stands for northern Virginia, and the D.C. area. The Hokies will be competing with Maryland and other schools for the talent in this area. The surprises include New Jersey and Atlanta. Atlanta has been a long time favorite for S.E.C. coaches, and produces top tier talent year in and year out. New Jersey is also fertile recruiting territory, and the Hokies are wise in expanding their footprint. It will be interesting to see if the camps result in signed L.O.I.'s, but the exposure will most certainly help.