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Jordan Williams: Interview and Recruit Report

We continue our Recruit Report series with an interview and tape review of Jordan Williams, 4* Defensive end from Cox in Virginia Beach.

Another playmaker at defensive end could be part of the next Hokies class.
Another playmaker at defensive end could be part of the next Hokies class.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Today, our recruit report features a highly-sought-after defensive end from in state, Cox's Jordan Williams. Williams is a 4* across the board, and is a big time target for many programs, including Virginia Tech.

GC: Alright, Jordan, first of all, who's/who are your primary recruiter(s) from Virginia Tech?

JW: Zohn Burden.

GC: Interesting (though obviously Coach Burden is the '757' recruiter), how much contact have you had with Coach Wiles or Coach Foster?

JW: Oh, I stay in contact with both of them a lot as well, it's just Coach Burden is the area recruiter.

GC: Fair enough. What're your thoughts on the three coaches?

JW: They are all great coaches they have made it a priority to stay in contact and build the relationship with me and my parents.

GC: So how well does Virginia Tech currently sit in your recruitment?

JW: They are in a great position, my family and I are very high on them.

GC: Did the coaching change from Coach Beamer to Coach Fuente effect your recruitment at all? How did you take the change?

JW: Well, I was mainly recruited by Fuente even though I was offered during the Beamer era just because of the time frame I received the offer

GC: So I assume that offer came in earlier this past season, then?

JW: Yes.

GC: Which other colleges are high on your list/recruiting you the most?

JW: UVA, Clemson, Tennessee, Southern California, Notre Dame, and Michigan State.

GC: That's got to be busy. Your phone ringing off the hook all the time?

JW: Yes, sir, nonstop *laughing*

GC: What do you think of the process, then? Too much pressure/too much attention/too much mail?

JW: It's all exciting and a blessing to be a part of. I definitely do not mind the attention because my parents always say hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

GC: What are you looking for in a school/team?

JW: Great academics for what I want to major in and a program that is going to develop me as a young man and a great football player and help me be able to compete and make it to the next level.

GC: What exactly do you want to major in?

JW: Sports medicine and take that to physical therapy.

GC: Considering the NFL draft was just last week, do you have a team you root for or a player you model yourself after?

JW: I model myself after Von Miller because he has great speed and athleticism and is a playmaker.

GC: So do you have experience or a desire to do stand-up pass-rushing then?

JW: Yes, sir.

GC: Do you have any friends or contacts on the VT roster or in their current commitments?

JW:Trevon Hill, Jahque (Alleyne), Deshawn McClease, Tavante Beckett, Tre Hubbard, and I can't think of any more.

GC: Lastly, what do you want to improve on in your game your senior year of high school?

JW: I want to improve on my technique and speed more.

We thank Jordan for being so willing to sit down for the interview. Now, onto the tape analysis:

Jordan Williams (Virginia Beach, VA. 260lbs, 6'-5". Defensive End)

Williams is definitely an outsized guy playing at the defensive end position at the high school level- he's already got the build and the weight to play at college. The first thing that jumps off the screen to me is not his athleticism, but his awareness. Having the presence of mind to batt two balls up in the air for interceptions when most of what you're programmed for is just rush the guy in front of you, it's saying something. He's also got experience with some stand-up pass rushing, as he said. I like how he sees and pursues the ball and the play, and he's athletic and strong enough to blow through anything in his path to get there. He, when he can, breaks down and form tackles on the play, but he's a sure enough tackler even out of comfortable situations. The big thing I like about him is that he's already size-ready and fundamentally very sound. I love guys that are athletic enough to use their awareness, rather than just being athletic. So far he's one of the most impressive looks I've done in this class. The only knock on him- and he realizes this- is that he's still more of a bull rusher than a speed rusher, and while that's obviously acceptable, adding that extra dimension to his game would make him even more dangerous. He's a very solid defensive player and I'm sure that Coaches Foster and Wiles would love to have him on our defensive line. It's just a matter of where he wants to improve and how high his ceiling is, but his main feature is that his floor is already very high in and of itself.