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Kalil Pimpleton commits to the Hokies

Muskegon, MI athlete Kalil Pimpleton committed to the Hokies tonight, making him the ninth commitment to the class of 2017.

More Wide Receivers? Yes please. Mark II
More Wide Receivers? Yes please. Mark II
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it really looks like the Hokies are concentrating on pulling kids that are from all over the place. This is the ninth commitment to the class of 2017, and of that, it's the sixth commitment from out of state. And now, from far-flung Muskegon, MI, comes a guy that was rather off the radar for anyone not paying attention to the recruiting sites on the regular. ESPN doesn't have a profile for him, Rivals doesn't have him ranked, and both Scout and 247 have him listed as a two-star recruit. You can see why and you can't at the same time. It's really simple. Pimpleton's numbers and tape are impressive. But truth is that his stature is not what many would call D-I material. Obviously, Coach Wiggins and Coach Fuente think differently, and there are instances wherein you break out of the prototypical molds for interesting and unique players. So for a player that has scholarship offers to Eastern Michigan, Ferris State, and Davenport, the Hokies were the biggest player on the football stage to come knocking. Steve Wiltfong, one of the national writers at 247, seems to be a big fan already. Alright, let's bite in. Who is Kalil and what can he do for the Hokies? Well, let's take a look at the tape:

Kalil Pimpleton (Muskegon, MI. 155lbs, 5'-7". Slot Receiver/Returner/Athlete)

Okay, let's get right down to it. He plays quarterback in high school, but you, he, his coach, and everyone that's seen his video knows that's not going to happen at a D-I level in college, which is why you see that 7-on-7 tape of him at wide receiver. And frankly, if it's any indication, he can be a very good one. He's not going to be your outside guy by any stretch of the imagination- with how the college and pro game are starting to fill up with taller and taller cornerbacks to counter these huge wide receivers, Pimpleton will definitely have that kind of disadvantage. His advantages will be his speed, his quickness, his athleticism, and his quick feet. You're looking at a guy that would formerly be called a scat back. He's a faster version of Danny Woodhead and maybe a smaller version of a guy already on our roster, Coleman Fox. They're that kind of unique player that but for guts and very specific skills, wouldn't get on the football field. You can tell Pimpleton's built very well- I'm pleasantly surprised at the strength of his tackle breaking and his stiff arm. He's also fearless, running that middle QB option right up the gut and getting back up off the turf again and again. But unlike someone like RGIII, no one seems to square up and unload on him, either.

Pimpleton is the second wide receiver in this class, joining Caleb Farley. Somewhat coincidentally, Farley and Pimpleton will be ex-high school QBs playing WR at this level. I' mixed feelings about that. That process can end up going well, or it can fail pretty badly because those players are not natural receivers. Now, obviously, from what we can tell, Pimpleton's trying to get a headstart on that move, but it's not a great and easy transition. Of course, time isn't exactly of the essence, as there will be 4 freshmen wide receivers on the team in the fall, and I doubt Cam Phillips leaves for the pros after this year (though it's possible, and Isaiah Ford could or could not, depending on his results and what he wants to do). But Pimpleton is definitely going to give positional skill variety, which is useful if it just gives a defensive coordinator or a cornerback or linebacker just one more thing to think about.

Welcome to the Hokies, Kalil!